The IPA has been training its first employees

The training of people with disabilities has started. Beginning in January 2019, they will become employees of the Institution for Professional Activity.
The Municipality of Goleniów received required funding for the purpose
and companies were selected to train them for their future work at the IPA

The first group consists of 60 people, but the recruitment process continues.
From January next year, attendees of two training courses planned will find employment in the Institution for Professional Activity in the Goleniów Industrial Park. Jobs created include a chef, waiter, bookbinder, laundry staff, carwash staff, cleaner, gardener, and fitter. Attendees of the training course receive a training allowance, reimbursement of their travelling cost, and necessary support preparing them for their future work.

The Goleniów-based IPA is going to employ 115 people with disabilities. Citizens
of Goleniów will be employed first, but if it turns out that there are too few candidates, the IPA is going to open recruitment for people from other municipalities. On coming Friday, in Nowogard, an information meeting will be held for people interested in finding jobs with the ZAZ.

The Institution for Professional Activity is an opportunity for disabled people to find jobs suitable for their needs and capacity, combined with active on-job rehabilitation. Work, salary, contact with other people, and several hours of spare time for other members of their families relieved from taking care of their subordinates. Those are major advantages of the new institution and an opportunity worth taking.