How to educate professionals?

The Westpomeranian Superintendent Office organised a conference in Goleniów on vocational education and cooperation between vocational schools, companies and junior secondary schools. The conference attracted practitioners, such as headmasters and representatives of companies where students undergo training and graduates can find their jobs.

The discussion focused mainly on adjusting vocational education to actual needs of the labour market. On the one hand, it still happens too often that schools educate students in professions no longer needed on the labour market, whereas on the other, companies are in need of well-prepared employees and cannot find those. An ideal solution would be to develop cooperation between vocational schools and companies; the latter can provide students with places to have their practical training and then well-educated professionals will gain job opportunities.

A positive example of such good relationship is the cooperation between School Centre No. 1, which includes a vocational school, and Faymonville, a company operating in the Goleniów Industrial Park and manufacturing trailers for heavy road transport. Łukasz Żuchowski, Director at Faymonville, Goleniów, said that he attracted seven students having their practical training at blacksmiths and welders, but he would like to have several more such trainees. All of them stand a chance of finding employment in the company after graduation. Of course, we accept those who are the best and prove efficient during their practical training in the company. Such training is excellent for us to test our prospective employee and educate him or her according to our requirements.