Still more Scandinavian

Goleniów is the most Scandinavian town in Poland. Evidence is abundant, not only the fact that the coat of arms of Goleniów comprises colours typical for the Swedish national flag. For instance, Goleniów is the seat of Ikea Industry, its plant and design centre. Goleniów is also a home for Danish LM Wind Power, with its factory and service hub. And the Goleniów Industrial Park attracted many other Danish investors, just to mention Abena, Dancoal, HG Poland, Prime Cargo, Stok Emballering and Stylepit.

The location of the town is crucial. It is located on the cross roads of two main European roads E28 and E65. The latter connects Swedish Malmö with Chania at Crete. Additionally, we have three direct scheduled flights to Norway: Oslo, Bergen and Stavanger.

The above circumstances suggested to the Municipality of Goleniów to tighten cooperation with the Scandinavian-Polish Chamber of Commerce which is an association attracting businesses of Scandinavian origin. The SPCC is based in Warsaw but the organisation operates all over the country through their representatives in Kraków, Poznań, Trójmiasto, Wrocław and Szczecin. At the moment the SPCC has nearly 350 members, which makes it one of the largest international chambers of commerce in Poland. Membership in the organisation provides an opportunity to make contact with an elite group of people managing rapidly developing Scandinavian businesses, which gives a change to attract even more Scandinavian investment to Goleniów.

By joining the SPCC we gain a possibility of reaching over three hundred Nordic investors operating in Poland, said Robert Krupowicz, the Mayor of Goleniów. The promotion in the chamber is also very important. Goleniów is the first local government to join the SPCC, a fact which will definitely be noticed by member companies. We want to draw their attention to the Goleniów Industrial Park for certain.

So far the Municipality of Goleniów cooperated with the SPCC while organizing a meeting with developers on 25th May 2015. Łucja Kalkstein, regional representative of SPCC in Weste Pomerania, encouraged to build halls designated for lease, describing her experience as an investor and consultant. Some of joint activities planned in autumn include a conference Greenfield Open and a training for financial directors on changes in regulations applying to special economic zones.