JMB funded welcome sign posts

Although they still need colour coating strips to meet the design requirements, the unique welcome sign posts designed by the Goleniów based JMB look like miniature wind turbines. The company actually funded three welcome sign posts.

The posts are set at the main inbound roads from Szczecin, Nowogard and Stepnica. Their structure of several meters is topped with a wind turbine that rotates even
in a gentle wind. Since no generator is connected to the rotor, the turbine does not produce any additional effects, light included.

JMB was established in Goleniow in 2000. The company started from manufacturing ecological wood briquette. In 2002 it moved to their current manufacturing site
in Budno near Goleniów. Yet another step in the development of JMB was
the production of furniture components and cooperation with the IKEA Group.
In 2010, the company started operating a machine processing centre for specialist processing of materials, such as balsa wood and foamed PVC/PET. Additionally, JMB provides engineering consulting in processing. At the moment, JMB plans
to commence manufacturing of innovative vertical axis wind turbines
which in the opinion of its owners will revolutionize the RES market in Poland
and abroad.