Kindergarten and hotel in GIP

Chances are high regarding new projects to be implemented in the Goleniów Industrial Park. They are designed to meet expectations of employees working for companies based in the GIP in Łozienica. Details of those projects were presented by representatives of prospective investors: WABE e.V. (nursery
and kindergarten) and Core Properties AS (hotel for workers).

The information meeting, organised at the Bestseller/Stylepit conference room, attracted representatives of several companies based in the GIP, chiefly managers and HR specialists, who represented in total about 3 thousand employees.
The opening address was delivered by Robert Krupowicz, the Mayor of Goleniów, who referred specifically to projects underway (Institution for Professional Activity) and planned (kindergarten and hotel) in the GIP as ‘Shared Services Centre’.

The Institution for Professional Activity is expected to start operating on 1st January 2019. The project of PLN 18 million is nearly completed. The remaining project components include finishing and equiping. The establishment is going to provide jobs for 115 people with disabilities who will provide various services for GIP-based companies and others. These include laundry, catering, conference and banquette room and garden, cleaning, green maintenance, carwash, fitting, dismantling, sorting, packaging, assembling, and printing. The IPA project has received 50% funding from the Regional Operational Programme of the Westpomeranian Region.

The Hamburg-based WABE e.V. association, which has been running nurseries
and kindergartens in North Germany, has developed an idea for establishing
a bilingual kindergarten. The association plans to purchase a plot of land in the GIP and build a day-care facility for children of employees working in local companies. The kindergarten will also provide care for children with disabilities. The facility should be up and running by the end of next year.

Piotr Juszczyszyn, a representative of the Norwegian investment fund Core Properties AS, delivered a presentation on the project of a hotel for workers employed in the GIP. The facility will consist of modules, adjusted to actual needs
of specific companies and their employees. The hotel is expected to exceed regular standards for workers coming to Goleniów.

The GIP-based investment projects will be supported by the long-awaited pedestrian and cycling track to be developed along Prosta and Produkcyjna streets, together with a truck park for a hundred trucks. This project will be implemented
by the Municipality of Goleniów. The documentation is already in place, and now
the Municipality has been looking for the best external funding for the investment. Further plans also include the railway stop of the ‘Goleniów Park’ in the vicinity
of the GIP.