Goleniów-based cluster

The first cluster to be established in Goleniów groups e-commerce companies. It includes Stylepit Poland Sp. z o.o. and Prime Cargo Poland Sp. z o.o. both operating in the Goleniów Industrial Park and PDC Logistics Sp. z o.o., having its operation in Załom.

The companies are founding members of the cluster and at the same time the first businesses to recognise benefits of pooling their potential together. Opportunities are many, from bulk buying of goods and services, sharing competences among employees, and R&D projects.

The single major challenge for the e-commerce sector are seasonal fluctuations, which means that demand for labour in high seasons is much higher. The cluster creates an opportunity to negotiate better conditions with labour agencies or recruit a group of highly qualified employees who can provide labour in companies members of the cluster, said Jacek Frydrych, Director at Stylepit Poland.

The e-commerce sector is a rising star among sectors defining the Goleniów economy. In the Goleniów Industrial Park we have three logistics centres handling web-based commerce and yet another renowned company has been considering their investment, said Robert Krupowicz, Mayor of Goleniów. The Municipality
of Goleniów is going to become a member of the cluster which will operate
in the form of an association.