Another investment in Goleniów Industrial Park

This time the investor is Poland Fur Production Sp. z o.o., a company which on 10th June this year won a tender for the purchase of 4 ha investment plot. The company produces animal feed for mink farms. The investment has been staged and its implementation is scheduled to take place in 2015-2018.

The investment level declared by the investor is in excess of PLN 35 million. The company applied to the Kostrzyn-Słubice Special Economic Zone for a permit to operate in the zone, which in practical terms translates into corporate income tax exemptions of 55% of the investment value. The investor will also enjoy a five years of property tax exemption applicable to all companies investing more than one million euros in the Municipality of Goleniów.

The Goleniów Industrial Park is gradually becoming a centre of fur production, said Robert Krupowicz, the Mayor of Goleniów. We already have companies such as Nafa, Norpol and HG Poland, and Poland Fur Production is about to invest. At the same time we hold talks with another company from the sector. Provided that investment materialises, our municipality will have a complete value chain related to production, pelting and auctions.

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