Changes to timetable

On 4th January 2016 a new timetable for buses was introduced on the route from Goleniów to the Goleniów Industrial Park.

Changes resulted from a meeting between the Mayor of Goleniów and bus drivers operating on the route to the GIP. The drivers suggested to change the route
of the earliest bus which previously started at 5:32 in the morning. In their opinion the bus should start from Granitowa Street that leads to Rurzyca to reach that part
of the industrial park earlier. Other suggestions referred to changing the route
and hours of afternoon departures to adjust to the end of shifts in companies.

All comments were taken into consideration and if possible included in the schedule. The changes to the timetable are expected to enable more people using public buses. According to recent estimates, the average occupancy rate is 70 percent,
and buses provide transportation to nearly four hundred  people every day.

For the new timetable, see here.