Step towards Institution for Professional Activity

Last Thursday, a meeting was held between local businesses and the Municipality of Goleniów during which the idea of operating as an Institution for Professional Activity and prospective benefits were presented.

After a short introduction by the Mayor Robert Krupowicz, attendees listened to a presentation on the principles of operation for an Institution for Professional Activity employing people with various disabilities. Presentation included examples of such institutions operating in the region, their business offers and examples of companies developing successful cooperation with such organisations.

Entrepreneurs had an opportunity to discuss various issues with representatives of such entities and ask specific questions.

It should be emphasised that labour integration companies operate according to market principles and do not enjoy any preferences in their business relations. If their offer is good and competitive, they attract orders and contracts.
The Municipality of Goleniów has been preparing the establishing of such an institution in the Goleniów Industrial Park. The organization is designed to provide services to other companies based in the GIP and beyond. The meeting helped defining needs among companies which will translate in to a better suited market offer.

I am surprised with the positive interest in this topic among Goleniów based companies, said Mayor Robert Krupowicz. According to our discussions with companies, there are several areas where Institution for Professional Activity could operate to generate income and to meet actual needs of companies. This convinces me that it was a good idea to consider establishing such an entity in Goleniów. Its establishing will help a number of disabled people from Goleniów to find jobs and spend their time among other people.