The largest in this part of Europe

On 1st August this year, a product photography studio by the Bestseller fashion house started operating in the Goleniów Industrial Park. The studio occupies one thousand m2 and employs fifty people.

Thirteen posts and thirteen photographers, and on top of that thirteen retouchers, ten assistants, stylists, make-up artists, male and female models – this is the studio established in the heart of the industrial park, in the distribution centre by Stylepit Poland Sp. z o.o. Stylepit, having capital links with Bestseller, is at the same time
the largest Bestseller’s client as regards product photography. Every day, at no. 40 Prosta Street, thousands of photographs of clothing are taken and processed.
The photographs are then used at web-based portals of Bestseller and Stylepit
to encourage customers all over Europe to buy clothes.

– It is not only the backup facility of the distribution centre but also an important post that Bestseller has in Goleniów. With the studio and required artistic skills, our municipality has attracted the creative industry, which up until recently was developing
in large cities only
, said Robert Krupowicz, the Mayor of Goleniów, during the opening ceremony. – I am happy because of good jobs created, including those for photographers and graphic designers from Goleniów.

The opening ceremony was held on 22 August, and today another opportunity
to visit the company coincided with the arrival of teachers from Greifswald, a partner city of Goleniów. Our guests from the other side of the Oder River listened
to the presentation on the GIP and learned about the experience of Stylepit
as regards their cooperation with young people. One of German teachers expressed her intention to send her daughter for training in the Polish company. German visitors could see the photographic studio and the distribution centre. Then, they went to TTS, a company manufacturing luxury sea-going yachts for Hanse, a German company based in Greifswald.