LM Wind Power open their doors

On Saturday, the Open Day in LM Wind Power Blades attracted hundreds
of Goleniów citizens to the plant based in Łozienica, chiefly employees
of the company with their families. Although the company organised a number of attractions for children, the main goal of the event was to strengthen
the image of a company as the employer of choice.

The wind turbine blade manufacturer, a part of the General Electric Group, the US, employs about one thousand people in its Goleniów plant. Since the company has been rapidly growing, e.g. it built a new production hall last year, it needs to attract new employees.

Equally important is the fact that the Goleniów-based LM Wind Power employs many inhabitants of Goleniów at managerial posts. Some of them are employed directly
by the company headquarters and provide their support to newly established LM plants all over the world.