Made in Goleniów in a showcase

The “I’m from Goleniów” action has been extended to cover companies and their products and services. At the first floor of the town hall, a showcase with exhibits was set next to the entrance to the secretariat. Exhibits include models, mock-ups and real products manufactured locally.

The action has attracted so far Abena, Baltic Spinning, BTS, Crown Packaging, Dancoal, Faymonville, Forankra, HG Poland, LM Wind Power Blades, Marsel, Prime Cargo, Rasch, Serwach, Stylepit, Technologie Tworzyw Sztucznych and VTS. Ikea Industry has been preparing their model furniture manufactured in Goleniów and Futrex has selected the most beautiful mink pelts for the purpose.

The exhibition has two goals. Firstly, it should attract attention of potential investors visiting the Mayor, by presenting the success story of the municipality. Secondly, it aims at showing inhabitants of Goleniów how diverse and interesting products are manufactured in the town. Wind turbine blades and hulls of yachts are known to everyone, whereas for instance Bosch abrasive paper or ultra-modern windows could be a surprise for at least some citizens. Not everyone knows that the Goleniów Industrial Park includes one of St Nicolas plants, but you will hear more about it closer to Christmas.

The action is open to everyone, explained Robert Krupowicz, the Mayor. We hope further investors join in and provide gadgets reflecting their business activity. If need be, we are ready to set up another cabinet with exhibits.