Map, scales, rangefinder and Wi-Fi

We need a map, scales, rangefinder and Wi-Fi to understand the unique nature of the Goleniów Industrial Park.

The map shows that the Goleniów Industrial Park is situated in the most north-west corner of Ponand. It takes less than an hour to get to Germany via a motorway,
and four hours to reach Denmark. Sweden is also within the reach thanks to ferry services from Świnoujście. We can also fly to Norway from an airport situated
just fifteen kilometres from the industrial park. The proximity to Germany
and Scandinavia has been reflected in the origin of capital invested in Goleniów
in the past decade. Although small and medium enterprises from Germany
and Denmark prevail, there are also large businesses successfully operating here,
a fact that can be confirmed by Drobimex and LM Wind Power. The Swedish presence in the commune is marked by Ikea Industry, with their furniture plant, sawmills, and logistic and design centres.

Another unique feature of the Goleniów Industrial Park is its good connection
to S3/S6 expressways. Road nodes and junctions are adjusted to transportation
of heavy and sizable products, such as wind turbine blades, specialist trailers
and yacht hulls. Those roads are frequently used by Danish LM Wind Power, Belgian Faymonville, and German Technologie Tworzyw Sztucznych. Early this month,
a support road for S3 has been completed, which improved access to the industrial park and opened its further development potential for project cargo transportation. Over forty hectares of land provided with infrastructure and enjoying the status
of a special economic zone still awaits prospective investors.

The third factor making the Goleniów Industrial Park unique in Poland is the growing concentration of e-commerce investors in the park. While doing shopping
in web-based portals such as Stylepit, Bestseller and Zalando, we trigger a logistic process, beginning of which is in the Goleniów Industrial Park. Here, in the Prime Cargo distribution centre, we also have one of “Santa Claus factories”.
The e-commerce potential has recently translated into an initiative of establishing
a cluster. In three weeks, the eBusiness Cluster of West Pomerania is going to be launched, comprising e-commerce companies and logistic operators based
in Goleniów and Szczecin. It is going to be the first cluster based in Goleniów,
a reason to be satisfied and proud.

A challenge for the future is to improve operating conditions for companies
in the Goleniów Industrial Park by reducing the cost of energy. Advanced talks are
in progress with investors interested in developing an installation generating heat and electricity from renewable sources with the use of state-of-the-art technology. Letters of intent have been signed and environmental reports need to be submitted to the municipality. Based on the reports, the municipality will define conditions
for development. It is possible that in the nearest future forty three companies operating in the Goleniów industrial Park will pay much less for energy used.

Robert Krupowicz
Mayor of Goleniów


A promotion article of the Municipality of Goleniów to be published tomorrow (31.03.2016) in Puls Biznesu supplement on “West Pomerania”