Meeting with excellent results

Bestseller Goleniów Athletics Park 2018, the first major light athletics meeting in Goleniów, will certainly be remembered well by athletes and spectators alike. It triggered a lot of emotions and produced excellent results.

Perhaps, the weather was too hot, and almost no wind at all. Ambient conditions supported the competition and good results. No wonder that several athletes broke their life records, or reached the best results in the season. Potsapong-Ang Amsam,
a pole vaulting champion from Thailand won reaching 5.42 m and set a new record for his country. He tried to set the result at 5.50 m but this three attempts failed.

The idea for the GAP2018 meeting was coined by Jacek Kostrzeba, a trainer at UKS Barnim. The meeting attracted fine athletes and was a truly international event
with athletes from such distant countries as Australia and Thailand. The event was organized by the local sporting centre OSiR, whereas necessary funding was provided by Goleniów-based companies. The event was supported by two experienced sports commentators, Przemysław Babiarz and Jarosław Marendziak. The contest attracted several hundred spectators who vividly supported athletes
at the stadium.

Results scored can be found at our website: www.gap2018.pl in the “Aktualności” tag.