Mercedes for Lubczyna

Shortly before Christmas, firefighters from OSP Lubczyna participated
in the technical acceptance procedure for their new firefighting vehicle.
In the middle of January, the vehicle will be transferred to Lubczyna.

It is a heavy vehicle furnished with a water tank and comprehensive of fixtures. It is based on the Mercedes Actros 4×4 chassis, whereas the body was developed
by Bocar of Częstochowa. The vehicle is designated to fight large fires and participate in lengthy rescue and firefighting operations. It is going to protect the Goleniów Industrial Park and the Municipality of Goleniów. The cost of the car is
PLN 798 thousand, including PLN 65 thousand from the budget of OSP Lubczyna, PLN 400 thousand from the National Firefighting System, and PLN 331 thousand from the Municipality of Goleniów.

In June 2017, OSP Lubczyna obtained a medium firefighting vehicle bought
for PLN 746 thousand, including PLN 123 thousand from the budget
of the Municipality of Goleniów. Before that, two new vehicles were delivered
to OSP Mosty and OSP Krępsko. Hence, all Goleniów-based OSPs comprising
the National Firefighting System can now operate a modern equipment. May the new equipment stay in their depots without any need of using them in action for as long as possible.