Metropolitan Rail: funding secured

Half a billion has been recently earmarked for developing the Szczecin Metropolitan Rail. It marks the commencement of the process that will lead
to the establishing of the local railway line encompassing Szczecin, Gryfino, Stargard, Goleniów and Police. It will dramatically change the transportation pattern in the Szczecin Metropolitan Area.

The building and modernising of the railway infrastructure and transfer centres will cost about PLN 750 million, including the local government budget established
by municipalities concerned. The project is expected to create 118 km of local railway lines, rebuild 31 existing stations and stops, build 9 new ones (including one
in Goleniów Industrial Park), about 2.6 thou. new parking spots, repair and modernisation of bridges, overpasses, footbridges, and subways. Trains will departure every 30 minutes. This should reduce road traffic within the metropolis, and increase interest in using public transportation. A common ticketing system is going to be created covering rail and public transport in the city.

Goleniów will be an active player in the Metropolitan Rail Project. The municipality has subsidised additional trains to and from Szczecin, which started operating
on 11th March (including night train). A tender has already been announced
for the building of a new train station in Goleniów converting the existing one
into a modern transfer centre, which combines rail and bus transport, and car parks where travellers can leave their cars while going to Szczecin.