Mexicans want to learn from the Goleniów Industrial Park

They have been revitalizing their rail, want to focus on multimodality,
and look for ways of benefiting from their geographic location. Morelos is a Mexican state situated just next to Mexico City, one of the largest cities
in the world with population of 25 million. To develop, the regional government want to resort to efficient logistic solutions and implement good practices proven in the sector.

They are looking for model solutions, among others, in Poland. Their visit
to the country started from West Pomerania, which Mexicans, just like OECD, consider a region of strong transport and logistics sectors. On Monday afternoon, their delegation visited Prime Cargo Poland Sp. z o.o. in the Goleniów Industrial Park. Representatives of several logistic companies, state minister of economy
and the president of their chamber of commerce met Zbigniew Kempski,
the PC Director and the President of the eBusiness Cluster of West Pomerania, Goleniów Mayor Robert Krupowicz and Agata Wilińska-Onyśko, HR Specialist, Fiege.

The discussion focused on the broad logistics sector. Z. Kempski presented his company and discussed e-commerce. Questions concerning human capital were taken by A. Wilińska-Onyśko based on her considerable experience from Swedwood, Stylepit and PDC Logistics. Mayor R. Krupowicz encouraged visitors to make bold decisions regarding investment, such as placing utility pipes and building roads
in the middle of empty fields
. This policy of the local government of Goleniów,
which has been implemented since the beginning of the 21st c., stimulated
an imposing development of the industrial park in Łozienica. Attendees
of the meeting also discussed incentives for investors available in Goleniów,
such as property tax exemption and those provided by the special economic zone.

During their Monday visit to West Pomerania, Mexican guests also met representatives of the Szczecin University. On Tuesday, they planned a visit
to CLS International Spedition and DB Port Szczecin. The guidance around
the province was provided by the Investors’ and Exporters’ Assistance Centre
at the Marshal’s Office. On following days, our guests plan to visit regions
of Wielkopolska and Silesia.