Missing piece of the puzzle

In April 2019, planes will start flying from the Goleniów airport to Copenhagen. Just a couple of days ago, Waimea Holding, a warehouse developer, took over the construction site at the airport. What do these two, apparently separate facts, have in common? Well, both triggered interest in our region among air cargo operators.

On Tuesday 4th December, Radosław Szafko, Regional Manager at SAS Cargo, visited Goleniów. He flew on the invitation of the Management Board of the Szczecin-Goleniów Airport, including its CEO Maciej Dziadosz, to meet with representatives
of the eBusiness Cluster of West Pomerania. The cluster is the organisation
of e-commerce companies based in Goleniów and Szczecin. The meeting was held
in Załom-based PDC Logistics and included a tour in the motorcycle components distribution centre.

The representative of SAS Cargo came to examine the demand for air cargo services in our region. The Scandinavian Airlines network enables to deliver quickly shipments all over Europe, in particular to Nordic countries. The daily Szczecin-Copenhagen service by SAS, which is to start in spring next year, should enable next day delivery of shipments to many destinations in Europe. The multimodal terminal of 5 thou. m2, which is now under construction, is going to provide comprehensive and efficient handling of air cargo. The facility should be ready and operational in
autumn next year.

The short distance to the airport is one of the advantages of the Goleniów Industrial Park comparing with other similar sites,’ said Goleniów Mayor Robert Krupowicz
in February 2018. ‘Thanks to the planned investment not only managers
of companies will fly to our region, but also cargo will be carried by air. Considering the infrastructure of the Goleniów Industrial Park, air cargo is the last missing piece of the puzzle.’