Municipality to receive money for IPA

The Municipality of Goleniów is going to get PLN 9 million grant to build
the Institution for Professional Activity in the Goleniów Industrial Park.
The amount corresponds with a half of the total cost of building
and equipment for the project, so important for people with disabilities.

On Monday 6th February, results of the competitive procedure were announced
by the Government of the Westpomeranian Region. The application filed
by the Municipality of Goleniów was at the top of the list due to its high assessment. Thus, the grant has been secured. The building of the plant is going to start this year and should be completed in 2019.

The Institution for Professional Activity will provide 150 jobs for disabled people who previously could not find jobs after graduation. The main idea is to continue rehabilitation of disabled adults, and work is going to be the main part
of the process. Thus, people working in the plant will have an opportunity to start their normal life.

IPA will operate according to market principles providing customers with a wide range of services. Those include among others catering, laundry of work clothing, maintenance of green areas and a number of simple services (cleaning, fitting, dismantling, etc.). Although IPA will also receive a public subsidy, it will have to cover the cost of rehabilitation for people employed in the plant.