No reason to wait…

The building of new retention reservoirs and the modernizing of a drainage dike in the Goleniów Industrial Park are yet another investment needed
in the park.

Even torrential rain in July could not threaten the safety of companies operating
in the industrial park. Rainwater running from roofs and paved yards was discharged without any problem. Nonetheless, the GIP decided to expand existing drainage systems since those may turn out to be insufficient.

Soon, the building of a new Bestseller facility will start, which translates into another several hectares of developed land from which rainwater has to be drained. Additionally, other companies expand their facilities as well. The capacity
of the system of dikes and existing retention reservoirs may become insufficient
in case of further downpours.

According to Deputy Mayor Tomasz Banach, it is necessary to modernize
the Jankowski Canal – the main course for rainwater drainage. It would be good
to consider building further retention reservoirs. It is estimated that about 4 ha
of municipal land will have to be designated for the purpose.

– We have not designated plots that will have to be earmarked for water retention yet,
but are working on it. We have also considered taking over a part of the Jankowski Canal passing through the GIP, and rebuild and enlarge it. We try to act in advance, since we cannot allow rainwater to flood the companies in the industrial park