It is not going to be easier… New challenges for employers

Increasing salaries, building a brand of an attractive employer and remaining highly flexible are the recommendations for employers formulated by an HR workshop. The workshop was held in the Goleniów Industrial Park last Wednesday.

The workshop, hosted by sia Abrasives, attracted over thirty HR managers. It was moderated by Edyta Hubska and Dorota Siedziniewska, board members at Idea HR Doradztwo Personalne Sp. z o.o. Trends observed on the Polish labour market
are driven by several macroeconomic factors: situation in the global economy
and economic growth, demographic changes and unemployment level in Poland. According to the National Bank of Poland, in 2017, salaries should increase 5.7%
on average. Employers are going to face two equally important challenges: keeping existing employees and attracting new ones. At the same time, regulations
on temporary employment will change adding to obligations employers need
to meet.

The workshop also discussed issues related to employing labour from Ukraine. Today, 1.2 million Ukrainian citizens are in Poland and they account
for 90% of foreign workers. Over 38% of Polish companies employ them.
The Westpomeranian Region registered 55 thousand such workers, of which
26 thousand in Szczecin alone. Each day our region attracts eight coaches with Ukrainian citizens. A statistical Ukrainian citizen in Poland is a single above
30 years of age, working 250 hours per month and earning a net salary of PLN 2,100 per month. 90% of that salary are sent back home to their families in Ukraine. Nine out of ten Ukrainians declare their intention to return back to their country. There are several reasons for coming to Poland, including similar culture, simplified procedures, positive attitude of Polish government and planned changes in the law (no visas, green card). Polish employers appreciate Ukrainian workers since they are highly motivated and ready to work over hours. Challenges include the six-month limit for their employment, formalities, limited self-reliance of Ukrainians and poor loyalty.

Idea HR experts recommended to develop a corporate culture based on multicultural approach and adjusting the work organization to Ukrainian workers. Investors expect that the local government supports activities aimed at developing infrastructure
for Ukrainian workers. The involvement of the Municipality of Goleniów in such activity is already a fact. Since December 2016, Facebook profile of ‘Hospitable Goleniów’ has been in operation. There, Ukrainians can find the most important information in their native language. Newcomers from the east eagerly use free Wi-Fi available in the Public Library as well as a free bus transportation to the Goleniów Industrial Park.

The workshop ended with Edyta Pawlak, an HR director at sia Abrasives
and previously HR manager at Ikea Industry, sharing her multiple year experience. Finding desired workers is a serious challenge in our municipality and it is not going to be easier. It is estimated that investment planned in Goleniów by current
and prospective investors will create demand for at least 2.5 thousand new qualified workers (laminators, welders and logistics specialists).

The same day, Wednesday 15 February, Krystyna Boczkowska, President of Board
at Robert Bosch Sp. z o.o., visited sia Abrasives. She has been a major contributor
to the success of the Bosch Group in our country. She is also referred to as one
of the most influential women of the Polish business. During an improvised debate, President Boczkowska addressed Mayor Robert Krupowicz as regards two issues: vocational education and housing, two major tasks for the local government
to attract investors. The Goleniów based vocational school enjoys an excellent reputation among employers. Teaching courses are developed ‘on request’ of major employers (e.g. Ikea Industry). This has been confirmed by representatives of TTS and Stylepit present at the meeting. As regards housing for prospective employees
of Goleniów based companies, the City is now building 200 units and another 200 is built by developers.