Goleniów specialised in packaging

Several days ago, the Municipality of Goleniów joined the Packaging Platform and Material Recovery Platform – two associations operating within the Westpomeranian Chemical Cluster “Green Chemistry”. The decision to join the organisation as a supporting member was made in result of growing importance of the packaging sector for the local economy.

Crown Packaging, GDR, Hersta, Mondi, Serwach, and Stok  are the largest however not the only manufacturers of packaging in Goleniów. Companies manufacturing packaging of corrugated cardboard and metal employ nearly one thousand citizens of Goleniów.

While joining the Packaging Platform, the Municipality of Goleniów would like to build its position as an excellent location for investment in that sector. Goleniów intends to take part in economic missions, conferences and exhibitions in Poland and abroad. The aim is to make new contacts with potential investors.

The packaging industry, more than many other sector, promotes innovation, says Robert Krupowicz, the Mayor of Goleniów. Biodegradable packaging, developed by Professor Artur Bartkowiak at the West Pomeranian University of Technology, is an excellent example of innovation. We want to be as close to those technologies as possible. The Goleniów Industrial Park is an ideal location for pilot facilities testing innovative solutions. The Municipality of Goleniów is now holding talks with an investor interested in establishing a new plant in West Pomerania.