Plots no. 11 finally attracted an investor

Today, the tender for investment plots with designation number 11 has been finally concluded. The investment land in the Goleniów Industrial Park consists of plots no. 11/8, 11/13 and 11/15. The successful bidder of total 2.14 ha is
a Nowogard based company producing animal feed.

Several million Polish zlotys will be spent on building a plant manufacturing new generation preparations used for feeding animals. The producer, enjoying over twenty years of experience, is going to sell its product on European, Asian
and African markets.

Talks with the investor started in June 2015. Owners of the company also considered other plots in Goleniów and Nowogard. Finally, parameters of the plot
and professional approach of the local government turned out to be decisive.
The construction of the plant, providing 30 to 40 jobs, will start operating
in the middle of this year.