Cut and pack

On Thursday, a new production hall fitted with a modern line for slicing cured meat was made operational in Goleniów to triple production capacity of Drobimex. Customers may now receive as much as 270 t of sliced and nicely packed poultry products.

The investment in Goleniów is a response of Drobimex to rapidly growing demand for good quality sliced poultry products. The new production hall comprises three technological lines for slicing and packaging of cured meat, and now the company is capable to meet all needs of their market. Drobimex invested PLN 20 million in Goleniów.

We have built a new hall with technological lines for slicing cured meat, which meets top hygiene standards, said Klaus Roppel, President of Board at Drobimex. Further investment is made in the main production plant in Szczecin Dąbie where we plan to nearly double slaughter, filleting and packaging capacity.

I am very satisfied that Drobimex does not concentrate its business on only one plant in Dąbie, but instead invests in the plant in Goleniów, said Robert Krupowicz, the Mayor of Goleniów. It is an important company for us that has provided stable jobs for the local community. We are happy to welcome every new investor, but we are equally satisfied when we see that companies based in the municipality expand their business, like for instance Drobimex.

In Goleniów, we can actually see the economic upswing. A number of companies operating in the Goleniów Industrial Park and beyond expand and modernize their facilities, and some of them plan to increase employment.


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