Praiseworthy expenditure

Today’s information meeting for Goleniow-based companies, potential clients of the Institution for Professional Activity has attracted a tremendous interest. According to opinions and comments expressed during the meeting, it seems that 101 employees of the IPA will soon have a lot of work.

 The IPA is a local government budgetary entity set up by the Municipality
of Goleniow. The target employment is expected to reach 150, and today it already employs 101 people, including 71 with severe and moderate disabilities. The range
of services provided is wide and includes catering, laundry, fitting/dismantling, gardening, cleaning, printing, and car washing.

Karol Lament, the director of the IPA, highlighted to potential clients the flexibility
of the entity. It applies, in particular, to the fitting/dismantling department which can adjust its operation to virtually any manufacturing activity. This was confirmed
by Paweł Rojewski, the director of Irontech Sp. z o.o., a company manufacturing ironing boards. For instance, a similar Institution for Professional Activity in Dobra near Szczecin has successfully established a sawing plant.

Apart from its commercial activity, the IPA provides occupational and social rehabilitation for its employees. Once they gain on-job experience and grow to live their adult life, they should be able to find employment on the open labour market. Clients contracting services with the IPA are able to reduce their mandatory contribution to the National Disability Fund by 50%, which may translate into major savings for those companies. In fact, the cooperation with the IPA is invaluable, since it translates into direct support for people with disabilities. The payment of an IPA invoice is a praiseworthy expenditure.

 The meeting involved representatives of such companies as Akala Faraone, Baltic Spinning, Chemical Alliance Polska, Crown Packaging, Deloitte, Drobimex, eBusiness Cluster of West Pomerania, Faymonville, Fiege, Ikea Industry, LM Wind Power, Lucky Union Foods, Marsel, Mondi, PDC Logistics, Pol-Glass, PRD Nowogard, Rhenus Logistics, Serwach, sia Abrasives, Stok Emballering and Weber.