Internship in Stylepit

The cooperation with Vocational Schools no. 1 in Goleniów and Stylepit Poland Sp. z o.o. has become the fact. On 13th January, the agreement was signed
in the head office of the company in the Goleniów Industrial Park.
The agreement will benefit students of the secondary engineering
and vocational schools.

On behalf of the investor the agreement was signed by Jacek Frydrych, the Managing Director, whereas the Schools were represented by the headmaster Małgorzata Wojtysiak. According to the agreement, parties will jointly implement training
and internship for students and graduates, as well as training for teachers regarding new logistic solutions and joint development of practical training programmes. However, the cooperation will predominantly focus on vocational education
of qualified technical personnel for the job of logistics technician.
Since 1st September this year, a new logistics technician course will be established.

To encourage young people to vocational training in the specialist professions,
so much demanded among Goleniów based companies, cooperation with middle school students is insufficient. For this reason, the Municipality of Goleniów,
in cooperation with Vocational Schools No. 1 and selected investors operating
in the GIP, has planned to organise a series of study visits to production companies for middle school students. In spring, they will promote such professions as logistics technician and modeler.