Really impressed

The Goleniów Industrial Park was included in the itinerary of Professor Dariusz Rosati during his visit to West Pomerania. On Thursday 22nd June,
the distinguished Polish economist visited Stylepit, a clothing distribution centre, at no. 40 Prosta Street.

Professor Rosati arrived accompanied by Łukasz Mituła, the chairman of the local council, and met the Deputy Mayor Tomasz Banach, director of Stylepit Poland Jacek Frydrych and President of Board at FHU Multi-Projekt Robert Król. A 60-minute meeting was designated to discussing the local economy of Goleniów. The Member of European Parliament listened to latest news regarding the GIP with much interest, especially that he had a chance to visit the location three years earlier,
and he confirmed that changes could be seen with the naked eye.

LM Wind Power Blades (GE Group) scheduled the opening of their new production hall in September this year. Moreover, their white collar staff have enjoyed a new office building since June. Sia Abrasives, a member of the Bosch Group, needs another five months to complete the extension of their plant manufacturing abrasive materials. Furthermore, Faymonville has just started their extension project. Those projects marking further investment translate into demand for staff of 800. Development plans are also contemplated by such companies as Baltic Spinning, Glancos and TTS, and Bestseller is getting ready for their ‘investment of the decade’ at a 17 ha plot.

The Municipality of Goleniów has another 20 ha at hand for prospective investors and 9 ha more is under preparation. Attempts are made to acquire another 72 ha from the State Forest Administration to expand the GIP in the nearest future. Plots offered by the Municipality of Goleniów have their master plan developed with land designation to production, storages and warehouses. This should shorten significantly the investment process.

Mayor Banach spoke about the local government investing in the industrial park.
A construction of a cycling path along Nowa Street has started, and another one along Prosta and Produkcyjna Streets is under preparation, including a central car park for one hundred trucks. Still this summer, the long awaited establishing
of the Institution for Professional Activity will start and the entity is expected
to provide jobs for about one hundred people with disabilities.

A blot on the landscape is the plan of the Polish Government to adopt a law prohibiting the breeding of fur animals. For the Goleniów economy, the new law may translate into several thousand jobs lost, in particular in rural areas where mink farms are established. This could lead to an abrupt growth in unemployment.

Professor Rosati was truly impressed by previous achievements and future plans
of the industrial park. He accepted an invitation to attend the official opening
of the Bestseller’s fulfilment centre scheduled at the end of next year.