Recycling in the GIP

A modern recycling plant is going to be built on a 4 ha plot adjacent to Boczna Street in the Goleniow Industrial Park. It is going to be built by Eurokey Recycling Limited Sp. z o.o., a British investor who won a tender today
for the purchase of the land.

At the moment, the company runs its operation in hired industrial facilities in Zielona Góra. The majority of management will come from the Lubuskie Region,
and the total employment is expected to reach 300. The company is going to recycle plastics, such as foil and cardboard lining well known to those who frequently visit supermarkets. The final product is a granulate and the process is based on a closed loop in a roofed facility so there is no impact on the surrounding.

Designing is already in progress and the building process should start in summer this year.