Record low unemployment

For the first time, the unemployment rate in the Municipality of Goleniów dropped below 4 percent. In June, according to statistics of the County Employment Office of Goleniów, it was 3.9 percent. The downward trend has continued for three years. In January and February this year, the unemployment rate in Goleniów was 4.9%, and 4.6% in March, 4.5% in April, and 4.2% in May.

The Municipality of Goleniów is the leader in the county. Although other municipalities also recorded a downward trend, their statistics are not that good. In June, Maszewo had the unemployment rate of 6.1%, Przybiernów 7.0%, Stepnica 6.3%, Osina 5.6%, and Nowogard 6.5%. A number of people from municipalities mentioned commute to the Goleniów Industrial Park, where the number of jobs available is still growing. The Municipality of Goleniów started suffering because of labour shortage and it was necessary to search for new employees beyond Goleniów.