Remembering the president of Stargard

On 18th January, in the evening, Sławomir Pajor, the President of Stargard, suddenly passed away. This loss was a surprise for everyone. Sławomir Pajor had been the president of Stargard for 15 years continuously performing his duties since 2002.

During that period, Stargard developed two large industrial parks, including the High Technologies Industrial Park which attracted such companies as Bridgestone and Cargotec. President Pajor was always eager to meet even the smallest investors. He also supported already operating companies. He used to say that there was no problem he could not have been able to solve together with members of his staff.

Robert Krupowicz, the Mayor of Goleniów, remembered the late president at his Facebook profile: A day has passed since Sławek Pajor is gone, and I can hardly shake this grieve away. I have no idea how to avoid using past tense to say that he just was a good person whom I valued, liked and respected. He became the president
of Stargard in a similar fashion to my becoming the mayor of Goleniów. Few people gave him any chance to be elected when he first put forward his candidature
in the direct public election. He won and changed his city, a city which he loved
and was dedicated to. He was a distinguished local government activist
and a beautiful person. First Longin Komołowski passed away, now Sławek Pajor… Are they taking people from the line of former Solidarity Movement activists?

In Stargard, the funeral celebration is in progress. During the ceremony, Pajor’s wife will receive the Golden Pomeranian Griffin Medal for her spouse’s contribution
to the development of the region.