Rhenus to invest

Rhenus Logistics S.A., operating in the Goleniów Industrial Park since 2012, has been preparing for the extension of their business in Goleniów. Still in 2015 the company wants to increase warehousing space significantly and employ new people.

At the moment, Rhenus Logistics S.A. leases 13 thousand m2 of a hall by Prologis, and still this year the company wants to occupy additional 7 thousand m2. It is going to be possible after the completion of another warehouse by Prologis and moving Ikea Industry warehouses there. It is expected that Rhenus Logistics S.A. will take over the warehousing space needed early September 2015 and by the end of the year the company will rearrange it to cater for their needs. The increase in the scale of operation by Rhenus Logistics S.A. in Goleniów will be followed by higher employment in the company.

In response to growing interest of investors in warehousing facilities in the Goleniów Industrial Park, Prologis builds a new hall of 30 thousand m2 for Ikea Industry and Bridgestone. Once a new hall is made operational, Prologis will have in total 80 m2 of warehouse space in the GIP.

E-commerce has been growing as one of specialisations in the Goleniów Industrial Park, says Robert Krupowicz, the Mayor of Goleniów. Rhenus Logistics, SmartGuy and Prime Cargo selected the GIP for some obvious advantages offered to companies from Western Europe: it is located close to the border with Germany, close to an airport and seaports, with good transportation links with expressway S3. It is an ideal location for such business. I am glad that warehousing facilities are built in the park, since it is a precondition for further development of the GIP and companies operating there.