Rock Hard… Drive Slowly

Some traffic difficulties may occur in the Goleniów Industrial Park between Friday afternoon and Sunday morning. Due to the Rock Hard Ride Free festival in Łozienica we expect heavy traffic of cars, motorcycles and pedestrians.

Two roads, perpendicular to Prosta Street, will be closed, including access to Akala Faraone and HG Poland and to BBP and Merkur 09/VTS. Only employees
and suppliers of those companies will be allowed to use them. A part of Usługowa Street towards the expressway will be used as an access route to the car park and camping site for festival audience. Road sides can be used by pedestrians who will leave their cars at car parks along Prosta Street.

Everything should be back to normal on Sunday around noon. Before that, the first two days of summer holiday the heart of the Goleniów Industrial Park will bleed under razor sharp riffs and will beat stronger in the rhythm of double bass drums. Today in the morning, the fitting of the large stage started, to be ready
for the performance of Saxon (Great Britain), Candlemass (Sweden), Behemoth (Poland), Raven (Great Britain), Primal Fear (Germany), Night Demon (USA) and Forsaken (Malta). The organizers expect about two thousand visitors
from Poland and abroad.

Rock Hard Ride Free 2016 is an unprecedented cultural initiative in the Goleniów Industrial Park, which attracted 70 companies and institutions from Goleniów
and vicinity. The festival coinciding with a bike meet is organized by the Goleniów Bikers Association. The second day of the festival will be the tribute paid to Marek Sierżęga, multiple-year director of LM Wind Power Blades, who passed away
in November last year.