Rock Hard Ride Free 2016 – main stage performances ready, tickets on sale

Now, we know all the artists to perform on the main stage during the rock festival combined with a bike meet held in the Goleniów Industrial Park
on 24-25 June. Foreign bands include the legendary Saxon and Candlemass, sending shivers down the spines of thousands of rock music fans from Poland and abroad.

Saxon performs on Saturday 25th June as the star of the second day of Rock Hard Ride Free. One of the leaders of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal is going to celebrate their fortieth (!) anniversary this year. Twenty two studio albums, thousands of concerts given all over the world and fifteen million records sold speak for themselves.

A day earlier, on Friday 24th June, we are going to be charmed by Candlemass,
the seventh best-selling band from Sweden (until 2010 15 million records sold). There is no heavy metal fan in the world who has not heard about the band. It is not the first league, it is a separate league in itself.

The Friday headliner is our domestic Behemoth, whose last album had its debut
at 34th place of US Billboard 200. It is one of three Polish bands which is recognized and has performed in the majority countries in the world. Immediately after their concert in Goleniów, Behemoth flies to Norway to play at a festival together
with Alice Cooper and Black Sabbath.

A decent dose of decibels will come from German power metalheads Primal Fear, British Raven, and the American sensation Night Demon, whereas doom metal will be represented by Forsaken and Nomad Son from Malta.

Poland is represented by Anti Tank Nun (with Titus and Iggy Gvadera taking the lead), Chainsaw from Bydgoszcz, Cochise with Paweł Małaszyński from Białystok,
and J.D. Overdrive from Katowice.

In short. The venue? Goleniów Industrial Park, West Pomerania, Poland. Time?
The first weekend of summer holiday, we start on Friday 24th June in the afternoon and end on Sunday 26th in the morning. Attractions? 2 stages, 20 bands
and 1000 motorcycles. Additionally, we are going to have a football fan zone
(Euro 2016), a beach, competitions and prize drawing. The organizer for the event is the Goleniów Bikers Association.

Tickets available at www.bilety24.pl. Hurry up, the number of tickets is limited.
Until the end of May, a two day ticket available for only EUR 42, and one day
for EUR 22. From June on, ticket prices will go up by EUR 5 and EUR 3 respectively.