Royal Danish Export Award for BIC Electric

It is a very special award in recognition for the promotion of Danish export and good business practices. BIC Electric, a company established in West Pomerania in 2004, and its CEO Jens-Christian Møller received the Royal Danish Award.

– People like Jens-Christian Møller are a proof of a good business climate in West Pomerania. The Royal Danish Award for a local company and its chairman also reflects positive relations between the region and Denmark. Danish investors considerably value our region and products manufactured here, said Przemysław Włosek, the Secretary of the Region, on behalf of Olgierd Geblewicz, the Marshal.

The award was granted in recognition of the export activity by Danish companies. The Szczecin-based company, which previously operated in the Goleniów Industrial Park, provides professional installation services and promotes the export
of industrial machines and installations virtually to all continents. BIC Electric provides its services to such sectors as industrial production, construction, oil mining and wind energy. The company employs over 200 people, both in the capital of West Pomerania and for their projects implemented all over the world, e.g. the US, Africa, Europe, and Hong Kong.

Jens-Christian Møller, the CEO of the company, has been providing his active support to Polish-Danish business relations. He was born and studied in Denmark. While working for Demex Electric (today KK Wind Solutions), he was responsible for shifting production to Poland. In 2004, he founded BIC Electric in Szczecin,
and then established its daughter companies in Norway, Denmark and Great Britain. Ole Egberg Mikkelsen, the Ambassador of Denmark to Poland, presented the award on behalf of the Danish Association of Exporters and the Royal Court.

BIC Electric and Jens-Christian Møller are ambassadors of West Pomerania
in Denmark. They play an invaluable role in building Polish-Danish relations and promoting Szczecin abroad, as well as encouraging other companies
from Denmark to consider Szczecin as a possible location for their businesses.
The company is eager to share its experience, among others, with companies grouped in the Scandinavian-Polish Chamber of Commerce. It sponsors local events, schools and charities, including those in Goleniów (Wood and Brass Band, Rock Hard Ride Free). The nomination was supported by the Investor and Exporter Assistance Centre of the Westpomeranian Region.

It is worth mentioning that West Pomerania is ranked second in Poland after Mazowsze, with FDI PLN 1 bn and PLN 2 bn respectively. Thus, it is the most popular region to invest for Danish businesses. Danes, after Germans, represent
the second major nation regarding FDI. The largest investment projects have been implemented by DGS in Mierzyn (2 thou. employees), Espersen in Koszalin
(1.2 thou. employees), LM Wind Power in Goleniów (nearly 1 thou. employees), Royal Greenland Seafood in Koszalin (nearly 1 thou. employees) and KK Wind Solutions in Szczecin (550 employees). Every year, West Pomerania-based companies export to Denmark goods worth almost PLN 1 bn.


Text & photo: Marek Mucha