S3 to be rebuilt

On Monday 12th October, the General Directorate of National Roads and Motorways announced tenders for rebuilding National Road no. 3 at its stretch from the “Kijewo” Node in Szczecin to the bypass of Parłówek. On its entire length, it is going to be a double-carriageway express road.

Two nodes of “Kijewo” and “Rzęśnica” will be completely rebuilt. Both of them were build several decades ago, and now do not meet modern standards. The two remaining concrete slab stretches of road no. 3, of German origin will be improved. Close to Kliniska, a hazardous junction with local roads will be closed and a new node of “Kliniska” will be developed about one kilometre closer to Szczecin. Car parks will be eliminated close to an overpass above the railway near Goleniów.

A stretch of road no. 3 between Miękowo and the beginning of the Parłówek bypass will undergo comprehensive rehabilitation. The dangerous single-carriageway road will be replaced with a dual-carriageway express road.

The dual-carriageway express road between the “Kijewo” Node and the bypass of Parłówek is going to be fenced to eliminate the risk of any collision with animals.

The building design documentation for the stretch between “Dąbie” and “Rzęśnica” is already in place. The design for the remaining part of the S3 expressway will be developed by companies selected in the tender. The road should be ready in 2020.