S6 construction started

The construction of road S6 between Goleniów and Nowogard has already started. A backup facility for equipment is established at the junction near Żółwia Błoć, and tree cutting along the route is in progress.

The building itself is expected to start next month to avoid excessively freezing temperatures. The project will cause major interruption to traffic along road no. 6, since we can expect many trucks delivering materials for the project and building machines. Traffic will be restricted, and we can expect alternating traffic and diversions. This will continue for two years, since the completion of the new express road is scheduled in April 2019.

Tenders are in progress for rebuilding of the concrete slab stretch of A6, building
of a road junction near Kliniska and building of expressway S3 on its stretch towards the coast. Once tenders are completed (may be still this year), congestion may also occur on those roads.

We need to be prepared to worsened traffic conditions for a couple of years, which might be particularly difficult during summer. One the building process is completed, transportation links to and from Goleniów will clearly improve.