Second life of Rurka

In just one year, the concrete plant based in Rurka near Goleniów will restore its operations. Solbet Sp. z o.o. intends to invest in the company,
and on 1st December this year, representatives of the investor secured
an environmental permit for the project.

The investment includes the extension of the installation for manufacturing aerated concrete. At the moment, the built-up area of the plant is 20 thousand m2 whereas after the extension it is expected to increase by one thousand m2. The operation
of the company will be restored together with the extension of the installation,
and modernization and rebuilding of existing facilities, everything to expand
the capacity of the installation to 840 tons per day. Plans also include new industrial facilities, such as a separate building for pre-processing of aluminium slurry, process water tanks with pumps, and storage tanks for raw materials.

Solbet has been on the market for over 50 years. It is a leader and the largest manufacturer of aerated concrete in Poland. The production capacity of all companies in the group amounts two millions of m3. The headquarters
of the company is situated in Solec Kujawski, and the plant there provides the largest daily production of aerated concrete in Europe.

The modernization and extension of the industrial facilities, which now only deter drivers travelling along the S3 expressway, will create 150 new jobs.

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