Sia Abrasives with the permit

Sia Abrasives Polska obtained a permit to operate their new facility
in the Goleniów Industrial Park.

In January 2017, sia Abrasives Polska started an investment project involving
the extension of their plant manufacturing abrasive materials at Prosta Street
in the Goleniów Industrial Park. The completion date in the contract was the end
of September this year. In April, the company made an understanding
with the general contractor to expedite construction works and complete
the production hall, warehouse and dispatch hall by the end July. The office and staff facilities will be ready by the end of September. The total surface area of new buildings is about 24,000 m2, and the part to be completed earlier about 20,000 m2.

Works proceeded as planned and the facility was filed for acceptance
with the County Building Supervision Inspector in Goleniów. The operating permit was issued on 11th August 2017. After the administrative decision becomes effective, sia Abrasives Polska starts their relocation of machines from Switzerland.
The company has planned to employ additional 250 people, mainly production, logistics and technical staff.

The extension of Goleniów-based sia Abrasives has been implemented by Strabag, and involves building a new manufacturing hall, high bay warehouse and auxiliary facilities, e.g. office building and staff rooms. The project includes building roads neighbouring the facilities, including pavements and street lighting, and internal water and sewage networks and fire prevention systems.