Small Industrial Park

For several decades, in Goleniów, yet another industrial zone has been operating shadowed by the Goleniów Industrial Park. In the eastern part
of the city, within Szkolna, Maszewska and I Brygady Legionów streets, more than twenty companies have been operating providing jobs for nearly three thousand people.

Residents of the ‘small industrial park’ include small businesses, large internationals (Crown Packaging and Ikea Industry), and medium-sized companies established in Goleniów (e.g. Fructus, Marsel, and Serwach). They deal with distribution
of foodstuffs, recycling, production of packaging (metal and cardboard), international transport, sizable printouts, production of furniture, windows and doors and distribution of building materials. In their vicinity, situated are three municipal companies (GWiK, PGK and PEC) and Wodociągi Zachodniopomorskie, the latter dealing with water distribution in the region.

The transportation system of the ‘small industrial park’ consists of Maszewska, I Brygady Legionów and Zakładowa streets. Rebuilding of the first one of them is going to be completed in October this year. Two more streets will be modernized next year. In the future, there are plans to develop a street connecting Maszewska Street and I Brygady Legionów Street. In this part of Goleniów, the City has investment plots of total area about 2.8 ha.

From today on, you can take a birds eye view of the ‘small industrial park’
through the Goleniów360 Service, www.mpp.goleniow360.pl.