Social corporate responsibility according to Ikea

Last Friday, after classes a pump track was opened, so much awaited
by children and youth of Goleniów. The track for extreme riding using virtually any vehicle on wheels is situated at Szkolna street and was built thanks
to the cooperation between the City of Goleniów and Ikea Industry Poland Sp. z o.o. as a result of a bottom-up initiative of Ikea’s employees.

A short official part of the ceremony, concluded by future users of the pump track shouting out loud ‘Thank you!to the board of the company on request of the Mayor Robert Krupowicz, was followed by the performance of stunts. The first was
the mayor himself who tested the track using a professional bike.

After two rounds by Mayor Krupowicz, the track was taken over by professionals: Tomasz Przybylik, Poland’s champion in rollerblading, and Bartosz Giemza, Poland’s champion in BMX Racing. The youngest users of push scooters watched the two masters with their eyes and mouths opened.

It is not the first time that Ikea Industry invests in the local youth. Last year,
the board of the company developed a playground at Szkolna street in the vicinity
of the production plant.