Spherical Goleniów

Today, the Municipality of Goleniów launched a unique and modern tool
for promotion. At www.goleniow360.pl everyone can see local business
and tourist opportunities. The product is designed for inhabitants
of the municipality as well as tourists and potential investors.

Spherical marketing involves 360˚ videos and photographs. The user is free to select a frame and virtually directs a video clip presented. Videos and photographs can be displayed at computers and mobile equipment alike. However, VR goggles provide the best effect.

The portal of www.goleniow360.pl consists of 360˚ photographs and videos and regular films made using a drone, all made to the highest 4K resolution, so your impressions might be limited by the capacity of your display and data transfer speed. You can take a run along streets used for the Goleniów Independence Mile,
take a ride on the pump track or sail on Lake Dąbie. Prospective investors may view the industrial park and participate in the cornerstone ceremony for the extension
of sia Abrasives. The portal has an open nature and further input will be added
in spring next year.

The Municipality of Goleniów plans to buy several VR goggles that will be used
to facilitate promotion of the municipality on various occasions. The first opportunity is e-Commerce Berlin Expo on 2nd February 2017, and the Goleniów based eBusiness Cluster of West Pomerania is going to participate in the event.