Stylepit takes photos of unusual women

Stylepit Poland Sp. z o.o., a company operating in the Goleniów Industrial Park, is involved in developing a photographic album of “Unusual women – Attendees of Lady D, Krystyna Bochenek Competition”.

The album is developed under an honorary patronage of Zofia Ławrynowicz, a Member of Parliament, and Olgierd Geblewicz, the Marshal of Region, and the Danish investor is responsible for the photographic sessions taking place in the Szczecin Philharmonics and workplaces of competition participants. Stylists from Stylepit selected costumes for models and graphic designers focused on typesetting.

But it is not the end of this noble project. On Wednesday 2nd September, Unusual Women from West Pomerania met Stylepit photographers during a workshop. Additionally, a photographic exhibition has been planned.

Lady D. Competition fits very well into the idea of corporate business responsibility, and we have been trying to involve our employees into this local and regional project. We hope that the cooperation with Unusual Women will become a fixed point in our annual work schedule, said Jacek Frydrych, Managing Director at Stylepit Poland.

The publication is related to a competition that has just ended promoting women with disabilities from our region, women which are active in their communities. The goal is to give recognition to women contributing to various areas of social life and promote such attitudes. The honorary title of Lady D. is given to women who despite their disabilities make a valuable contribution in various fields of social life in Poland, and stay active against all difficulties. Since 2014, awards are given at the regional and national levels in five categories: culture and arts, sport, social activity, professional activity, and good start. The album inaugurates the competition.