Stylepit washed with blood

This time it was not because of Behemoth, a band which staged a concert here exactly a year ago. Today, the joint action with the Regional Blood Donation Centre, it was possible to collect 20 litres of blood.

The Thursday action was organized by Stylepit Poland Sp. z o.o. in cooperation
with the eBusiness Cluster of West Pomerania, Goleniów Municipality
and the Szczecin-based Blood Donation Centre. Awfully funny cabaret performance by actors from the Goleniów Brama Theatre highlighted the event. They have set up a competing blood donation point right next to the bus from the Centre. They offered to collect blood from a tooth using lumberjack tool.

The bus stayed for four hours at no. 40 Prosta Street in the Goleniów Industrial Park and mobile blood donation centre attracted 44 people. The action involved employees of Stylepit and other companies operating in the industrial park. Additionally, Tomasz Banach, the deputy mayor and an experienced blood donor, donated his blood. The action provided the Westpomeranian Blood Bank
with another 20 litres of this live saving liquid. It was a very good result, about 50% above average.

The Municipality of Goleniów has already planned further similar actions, this time
in the industrial district near Maszewska Street.