Successful afterparty

This time attendance exceeded any expectations. The Friday concert
in the open air theater attracted about 450 people. This happened despite
the fact that there were no top stars like during the June festival held
in the Goleniów Industrial Park. Although the event was much smaller
and there was no major media publicity, it dared to be heard with plenty
of loudspeakers used.

A line standing at the entrance to the theater is a rare scene. The two third
of the auditorium was full. Those who came had no reason to regret their decision. The concert started with Goleniów based Slaveout. The band played their own songs and heavy metal covers. After a short break, Night Crawlers, who were the main item of the program, started playing. Asia Stanuch, a vocalist and their first guest, sang songs by Nirvana and Kings of Leon. Then, Olek Różanek performed
at the stage, the Night Crawlers vocalist proper. In the second part of the concert other guest musicians joined in, including Titus from Acid Drinkers (cover songs
by Motörhead, Thin Lizzy and Black Sabbath), Krzysiek ‘Zalef’ Zalewski (5 songs
by Iron Maiden), and finally all musicians performed together at the stage a song
by Judas Priest.

Rock Hard Ride Free Afterparty was organized chiefly to say thank you to sponsors and partners of the June festival for their support to this unprecedented artistic event held in the heart of the Goleniów Industrial Park.