From the Swiss land to Poland

The Bosch Group owned sia Abrasives AG based in Frauenfeld, Switzerland, plans to acquire shares of BTS (Biuro Technologiczne), its Polish partner operating in Goleniów, Poland. Relevant contracts were signed on 19th April 2016.

For over 25 years, BTS Sp. z o.o. employing about a hundred people has been
a partner of sia Abrasives dealing with packaging and local distribution of grinding systems in Poland and Baltic countries. The parties have agreed that transaction figures are not going to be made public and the transaction still awaits approval
of the anti-monopoly authority.

BTS has considerable experience in manufacturing and warehousing as well as developed good logistics. The company intends to expand its business for sia Abrasives and take over the manufacturing of grinding systems and warehousing
of raw materials that are currently stored in Switzerland.Martin Küper, General Director at sia Abrasives, Frauenfeld, said: For many years, BTS has been our reliable and successful partner. The acquisition should help us maintaining high quality
of grinding systems. At the same time, sia Abrasives is going to strengthen its position of a leading supplier of grinding systems at the growing Eastern European market.

Piotr Jaszczak, President of the Board at BTS Sp. z o.o. added: sia Abrasives
has always been in our DNA. From its beginning, we have been developing BTS
with the support of our Swiss partner, with the main focus on quality, technology and reliability towards our customers. After 25 years of cooperation, we are going to become a fully-fledged member of the sia Abrasives family. Thus, on the one hand, our customers will gain access to advanced exceptional Swiss grinding systems,
and on the other, for Goleniów and the entire region as well as employees and their families it is going to be an opportunity for further development and an important step towards the future.

The investor has already bought land necessary for the extension of the current plant. It is expected that the employment may grow to several hundred, which will make sia Abrasives the third largest company in the Goleniów Industrial Park.
The development of the company will involve building one of the largest manufacturing and warehousing facility in the location.

During today’s meeting with representatives of BTS and sia Abrasives, yet another investment was announced by the mayor Robert Krupowicz. The extension discussed today will boost heavy traffic at Prosta Street. For this reason, the Municipality
of Goleniów is going to commence immediately the building of a new road
in the industrial park. The road will not only facilitate transport of abrasives, but also provide access to new municipality-owned investment land.