The best yachts from Goleniów

HanseYachts AG, the parent company of Goleniów-based Technologie Tworzyw Sztucznych Sp. z o.o., was awarded the prize of the Boatbuilder of the Year 2018.

This annual award is presented by the British Yachting Awards. HanseYachts AG,
a German company concentrating such brands as Hanse, Dehler, Varianta, Moody, Privilège, Sealine and Fjord, was awarded the prize in the category of the Boatbuilder of the Year 2018. At the same time, HanseYachts AG is one of the largest producers of yachts in the world. The company, famous for its high quality, has been continuously conquering new markets.

The history of the TTS in West Pomerania dates back to 1996. In that year,
they started manufacturing plastic yacht hulls in Stargard Szczeciński. Since then, products manufactured by the company won global recognition in the industry, which actually led to a close cooperation with Yachtzentrum Greifswald, later transformed into the HanseYachts AG group.

The offer of the company includes yacht components from hulls to decks and small fixtures used on seagoing yachts. The development of the TTS required investment, which resulted in the construction of a production hall of 10 thousand m2
and a warehouse in the Goleniów Industrial Park. In 2007, the TTS became a part
of the HanseYachts AG capital group and its hares started to be floated
on the German stock exchange in Frankfurt.

Today, the TTS is one of the leading companies in Poland in composite production. Every year, the company based in the Goleniów Industrial Park produces nearly
700 hulls for luxury boats. The production staff is approximately 800 people.