The expansion to start in September

Next week, sia Abrasives will receive a building permit. This will provide
a green light for the expansion of the plant at 21 Prosta street in the Goleniów Industrial Park.

On Friday, details of the investment project were presented by Ute Lepple and Martin Küper, members of board at sia Abrasives Polska Sp. z o.o. During
the same meeting, representatives of the county discussed major challenges to be faced by the investor in the months to come. Undoubtedly, the major one is
the recruitment process.

The investor representing the Bosch Group is going to need about 260-280 new employees. Those employees, on top of the current 120, are needed to support
the operation of the company which in the next autumn is going to grow four times to 28 thousand m2 of roofed space.

Relocation of machines and equipment for the new plant should start in January next year. Several machines for co-packaging of abrasives will be transferred
from Frauenfeld to Goleniów. Right now, sia Abrasives is looking for specialists
to operate those machines as well as non-qualified staff.

The local labor market was the lead topic during the discussion with representatives of Goleniów, Osina, Maszewo and Stepnica, County Employment Office
and the Investors and Exporters Assistance Center. Other topics included transportation from neighboring municipalities to the GIP and a possibility
of establishing a kindergarten in the GIP. Representatives of sia Abrasives
of the Bosch Group ensured local government representatives that employment conditions for their staff will be attractive.