The GIP for Wiktoria

The fight with a decease is always uneven, especially when it involves a child. However, when nearly the entire community of a not so small town gets involved, the hope of winning it is much larger.

In the past several weeks, once again citizens of Goleniów showed that they want and can help. Thanks to the initiative of Stylepit, prospective marrow donors could register in the Goleniów Industrial Park. It all took place during working hours
so people could quickly drop by, and thus the chances of finding a genetic twin
for Wiktoria were much higher…

For the past three months, Wiktoria Kamińska has been struggling against leukemia while waiting for the bone marrow transplant. It will be possible once they match genetic parameters of the patient with those of the donor. For this reason,
it is important to have as many prospective donors in the DKMS database
as possible. In the Stylepit office alone we registered 20 people. Thank you.