The Institution for Professional Activity launched

The Institution for Professional Activity officially started its operation on 31st December 2018. It employs 101 people, of which 71 are people with intellectual disability.

Since people with disabilities can work four hours per day only, we will operate two shifts,’ said Karol Lament, director at the Goleniów-based Institution for Professional Activity. ‘For some employees it is going to be their first work, and the first time they will learn punctuality, reliability, how to apply health and safety rules, and how
to operate machines.’

Their work in the institution will create an opportunity for them to integrate
on the labour market. The final cleaning work has been almost completed in the kitchen, laundry facility and the assembly hall. A car wash is also ready to start. The establishment intends to provide its services to businesses operating in the Goleniów Industrial Park.

‘We have surveyed actual needs and prepared a tailor-made solution as regards products and services. We will also compete for orders from public bodies and other entities,’ explained Karol Lament.

This week, the establishment will prepare several hundred dinners for their first client. Customers will pay market rates for the services but they will be entitled
to write-offs according to principles applicable to the State Disability Fund. The cost of the Institution for Professional Activity was PLN 18 million. PLN 9 million was invested by the Municipality of Goleniów and the remaining amount provided
by the Marshal’s Office from EU funds. The Marshal’s Office has also provided funding for the current operation.

‘People working in the IPA struggle against various disabilities and are not able
to compete on the regular labour market. However, with additional support
of the state and the Marshal’s Office, they may start developing their competitiveness,’ commented Olgierd Geblewicz, the Marshal
of the Westpomeranian Region.

The State Disability Fund will provide money necessary to support workers. In 2019, one million PLN will also be transferred to the IPA from the Municipality of Goleniów. Later, it is expected that the Establishment will operate without any financial support from the Municipality.