To GIP by train

On Thursday 2nd March, the JASPERS Committee visited Goleniów to assess suitability of a new railway platform.

The development of the ‘Goleniów Park’ platform is going to be a part of the Szczecin Metropolitan Railway – a large regional transportation programme which major part is funded by the EU. The project facilitates commuting to the Goleniów Industrial Park. The platform is going to be situated near the S3 overpass so employees who previously commuted to work by bus will be able to use trains.

The deputy mayor Tomasz Banach guided the committee around Goleniów.
He presented a concept for the development of the GIP, transportation system
in the municipality, and plans concerning housing and sustainable development
of the city and municipality. Members of the Committee visited the industrial park and the city, and they were impressed by Goleniów, its achievements and plans
for the future.

JASPERS is an assistance partnership between the European Commission, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the European Investment Bank.
The partnership aims at supporting large supra-regional infrastructure projects, including transportation.